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What We Do at Jeanne Murphy Public Relations

Jeanne Murphy Public Relations is a full service marketing and PR agency dedicated to brand development for authors, businesses, leadership authorities, speakers, and dynamic individuals representing superior, distinguishable and exquisite talent.

Our expertise guides our clients and we deliver their messages to all forms of traditional media, with a particular understanding of social media and it's enormous value. In today’s world, this activity is a critical part of maintaining, increasing and distinguishing any successful business from another and our staff is trained and we are cutting-edge in terms of competition and reliability.

Our team is positive, creative, confident and highly qualified.  We are management professionals with over 20 years of distinguished performance in marketing, public relations, social media, syndication and new business development.  We are proactive and possess the ability to visualize, create and implement programs that support our clients and assist them in accomplishing their overall business goals and objectives.

We have relationships with key media individuals including; reporters, columnists, editors, event planners, agents, producers, newspapers, magazines, e-newsletter publishers, consumer and business publications, new media outlets, podcasters, broadcasters, bloggers, and the like, in print, radio and online.

We specialize in:

Author Appearances & Promotions
Author Consultations (Strategy, PR Benefits, Marketing)
Catering (Arrangement of or In-House Full Service Event Catering)
Celebrity Appearances & Promotions
Consulting (Author, Celebrity, Corporate, Speakers)
Content Marketing
Event Organization (Planning, Management and Marketing)
Literary Consulting
Media Coaching & Training
Media Coverage (TV, Radio and Broadcasting)
Press Release Design
Press Release Distribution, (National, Regional, Local) 
Public Relations Management, (Long or Short-Term Strategy)
Self-Publishing (Design, Editorial, Cover Artwork, Layout and Publishing consulting)
Social Media Management, Portfolio & Strategy
Strategic Consulting, Marketing & Planning

Each campaign is customized precisely for each client and we attribute our success to our dedication to our clients and to our media colleagues and speaker organizers, whom which we have established relationships with over the past two+ decades.

We believe that once a client believes in himself or herself, everyone else we contact will too!  It’s just our job to introduce the two, and it's our pleasure to do so!

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Public Relations Planning requires time and strategy
in order to be successful.  One of the best benefits
of Jeanne Murphy Public Relations is that we all work
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within ourselves to maximize success!

In short, with Jeanne Murphy Public Relations,
you're already ahead of the game, the day 
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