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Kari Adams is an entrepreneur, award-winning business owner, television host, speaker, and mother of two.  She has appeared on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, and numerous other media outlets and television shows.  Kari speaks frequently about her own experience as a middle aged woman facing an eating disorder, in addition to hosting the popular, syndicated television show ‘Killer Confidence with Kari Adams’.  The show highlights inspirational women and men who have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives, and those that wish to share their stories with the general public.  Kari’s personal goal is to help others find strength in healing and to develop stronger self-worth or, as she calls it: ‘Killer Confidence.’


Killer Confidence is more than a website or a philosophy- it’s a movement - created to celebrate, empower, and embrace women as they learn to love themselves just as they are. The movement serves as a safe place to encourage self-love, self-esteem and positive body image in all women.  In conjunction with the show ‘Killer Confidence with Kari Adams,’ was created in an effort to support people going through adversity and to teach them how they can achieve “Killer Confidence” and gain control of their lives in spite of, or even perhaps because of, traumatic events and other "life issues that may seem overwhelming….at first. 


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