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Jeanne Murphy, Partner and Co-Founder of Jeanne Murphy Public Relations and Marriah Media, LLC is a best-selling, nonfiction published author with twelve printed titles offered worldwide from several major U.S. publishers. Collectively, Jeanne's books have sold more than half a million copies and are available in several different languages. 

As partner of Marriah Media, a globally recognized media and content distribution company promoting mainstream news, entertainment, features, events and business information, in addition to owning asset properties such as the Marriah Media Gold Awards, Santa Choice Awards(TM) and The Santa Gallery Mall(TM), Jeanne hosts Talented People, a Television show
which is broadcasted both on central New Jersey television, as well as streams live online.  She and her business partner, Colleen Kelly also host three, popular drive time radio shows which stream live across the nation, "Talented People", and "Parenting Matters" which air Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 PM EST, and Jersey Talk Radio™ which is live video/radio that is aired online Thursday nights 6-7 PM EST.

Throughout her career as a writer and media professional, Jeanne has served as the Managing Editor of, and as a marketing, public relations and distribution strategy expert and specialist for highly respected corporations including, The Walt Disney Company.

When Jeanne isn't working one-on-one with her clients and/or their media colleagues, she's enjoying time with her two sons, Michael and Brandon, her lifelong girlfriends, (part of the JMPR team!), and with Jan Jeffrey Murphy, her husband of twenty five years.

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Jeanne  Murphy, Partner, Jeanne Murphy Public Relations and President, Marriah Media, LLC.  

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