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David Brown Jr. is a former senior leader in financial services. He earned a degree in finance at University of Delaware and an Executive MBA at Villanova, as well as, studying organizational leadership, psychology of leadership and organizational dynamics. He has a high desire to encourage others to awaken to their passions and begin to lead more purposeful lives. Sharing his personal story of being separated from his daughter and how that trauma awakened his heart to loving kindness and compassion has further fueled his desire to help others. David is a certified Reiki Master practitioner and life transformation coach.

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Letters for Lucia is a story of love, forgiveness and healing. A new husband and father, David, finds himself dealing with the largest tragedy of his life, the international parental abduction of his 11-month old daughter.

Rather than being governed by resentment and anger, he begins to see life from a lens of compassion and forgiveness.

Reflecting on the experiences of the separation from his daughter, David recognizes that he is in the middle of a spiritual awakening, which birthed 8 principles that allowed him to find peace. Not knowing if he will ever see his daughter again, David writes letters to his daughter sharing the principles, hoping that she practices them as she grows up. He explains to readers how the principles can be applied so they too can find peace in their lives.

If you are currently dealing with a form of adversity in your life, or are holding on to issues from the past, this book will inspire you to change how you perceive and manage through your circumstances. In addition to sharing his story, David includes reflection questions which encourage the reader to take their own journey of self discovery to identify and work through blocks that can prevent peace.

His managing of the separation between him and his daughter will provide you with hope, while explaining a set of principles that can change how you manage adversity and interact with people around you each day.



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