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Bart Jackson is the CEO of Prometheus Publications, LLC which produces the BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides series, as seen on

Bart Jackson is the man you might spy in Tibet, Singapore, or Tierra del Fuego chatting with the globe’s most intriguing people and bringing their ideas to light.  As CEO of Prometheus Publishing, LLC, he oversees the creation of BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides, the BartsBooks Select Author series, and daily dreams up BartsBooks Business Quips.

A prolific author in his own write, his most recent titles include "Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself;" "So That's How They Do It - Tactics of Business Masters;" "Business Basics;" "101 Best Business Quips - Take a Little Laughter to Work;" and "The Art of the CEO" which reveals the successful techniques of major business leaders worldwide.

Bart hosts a popular weekly radio show: “The Art of the CEO” featuring prestigious leaders in business from around the globe.  Bart is a frequent
guest speaker in the U.S. and abroad.

Previously, Bart founded "Biz4NJ," the online New Jersey business journal.  He has written thousands of articles on business, outdoor sports, and archeological subjects, which have appeared in journals ranging from "Cairo Today Magazine" to local "U.S. 1 Newspaper" and "The New York Times."  His business insights regularly appear in the media, including "The Huffington Post" and "SmartBrief."  As a publisher and author, Bart preaches that the aim of writing is to help people a little better endure life, or a little better enjoy it.

Bart is a graduate of Hobart College. A native of Westfield, New Jersey, Bart resides in Cranbury, NJ where he and his wife Lorraine tend the vines that make their "
Chateau Bonne Chance" wine.  If they are not at home, they may be found whitewater paddling, hiking, or pedaling their tandem bicycle across some fascinating terrain abroad.



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