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Keith Danko

Unknown-4Keith Danko: entrepreneur, CEO, private equity and hedge fund veteran. Keith is the founder of Witherspoon Partners, a leading player in the alternative asset industry. He has over two decades of experience building and managing businesses, most notably restructuring and serving as CEO of ACAM Advisors. He also served as CEO of CQS US and as an executive director of Goldman Sachs, where he built the firm’s international asset-backed securities business.

Keith cares deeply about personal development and actively studies what brings success and fulfillment to one’s career. A hallmark of his management success has been guiding his colleagues and employees to get the absolute best from themselves. Teaching others to cultivate and share their most positive attributes brings great pleasure to Keith.

A Duke graduate with a Harvard MBA, Keith has written extensively on trends and careers in alternative assets, including the monthly ACAM Perspective. He also authored the influential white paper Portable Alpha: An Updated Perspective. A frequent speaker and leader of business discussions, Keith recently moderated the US-China Trade Dialogue hosted by the Yingke law firm and the Harvard Club of New York.

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