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Bart Jackson – 10/8/13

Bart Jackson is a prolific author and currently publisher of BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides.  Over the last 30 years, Bart has spent his days traveling the globe covering the top business events and leaders in thousands of articles and several books.  While roaming abroad, he and his wife Lorraine always take time to explore the countryside by paddling the Nile, racing whitewater slaloms in Poland and Peru, or climbing mounts Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the South American Andes.  We were able to catch him on return from his latest business venture in Singapore followed by a side trek through the Malaysian jungles.  We asked him about his latest book, The Art of the CEO.

BBP: How did you create The Art of the CEO?

Bart: The chief executive officer, like the nobility of eld, is the most criticized, and least understood job of our culture.  In browsing the media, I realized that virtually all of the writers so readily giving oceans of advice to CEOs had never held the position.  I decided the only way to help today’s chief officer, or someone taking aim at the big chair, was to gather the expertise of those who had actually walked the command tightrope of running a major company – and share their techniques, disciplines and methods.  So we conducted scores of interviews with major, international business leaders and in this book we distill their experiences and the best of their advice.

BBP: What common strengths did you discover?

Bart: Like Google’s chief, Eric Schmidt and Trinet’s CEO Burton Goldfield, all these men and women hold out an outrageous vision for their firm – nearly impossible - and somehow are able to convince everyone around them that his will be an exciting, joyful challenge.  And let me add, they are able to intimately touch people.  When a musician approaches symphonic conductor maestro Jacques Lacombe and tearfully thanks him for him so personally addressing and working with him, you are witnessing the spark of leadership catch fire.

BBP: And the toughest challenge?

Bart: Definitely the sheer, overwhelming complexity.  Guiding a company as CEO involves so much more than just leadership, raising and distributing capital, sculpting a thrifty operation and producing competitive product.  An endless succession of drop-everything-and-do-it-now problems land on the CEO’s desk daily.  She is not merely responsible – she must be the solution.   Don’t aim for this job unless you really, really want it.



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