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BB: Bart, could you please explain what the Partners Program is?

Bart:  BartsBooks Partners is a book distribution network that allows everybody to share knowledge, share in the profits, and share a good book with a friend.    And it’s all absolutely free.  Anybody may sign up to become a Partner and select any of the books from our catalog to sell on their website or blog.  You, the Partner, collect 15 percent of every book sold on your site or blog.  Meanwhile, you boost the value of your website by offering visitors a bookstore page for them to browse.

BB: You say the Partner receives 15 percent – could you give me an example of what I might earn?

Bart:  Let’s say a buyer visits your blog and purchases one book from your online store with a list price of $15.  You, as Partner, receive $2.25 for that book.  If it’s a $20 book, you get $3.  Sell 15 books in a month and you get a check for $45.  Take your significant other to dinner.  

BB: Well, it sounds interesting, but how much work do I have to do?  Do I have to ship books?

Bart: After a Partner selects the books for her bookstore page, her only chore is to cash the check she receives each month.  When a buyer selects a book from the host partner’s website, BartsBooks takes over, handles the transaction, the funds transfer, and the book shipping.  And by the way, we have a special process whereby the buyer never leaves the Partner’s website or blog.  After the transaction, the buyer is returned to the Partner’s website page.

            As to the setting up your bookstore page, it takes just a few minutes, and we provide support staff for every step.  Believe me, I am no techie, and they’ve made it so simple even I can do it.

BB: Can I promote my Bookstore on blogs and social media?

Bart:  Yes, of course.  You can have a link directly to your bookstore page on your website. also promotes your website/blog through a variety of methods, including our BartsBooks Partners Newsletter which goes out to thousands within the business community.

BB:  Do you have to be an author to sign on as a BartsBooks Partner?

Bart:  Not at all.  BB Partners is for everybody – and I mean anyone who wants to make a little income, boost his site SEO, and share some knowledge. 

            Of course, many of our authors sign on as partners to sell their own books as well as others from our catalog on their sites.

BB.  What about your authors? Does an author have to be published by a major publisher?

Bart: At BartsBooks, ideas are king.  We select the books for our Partners with great care.  Our editors review each offering and choose those that will bring benefit to the business community and help our readers.  Some of these are self-published authors; some have books published by major publishing houses.  For the latter, it offers them a new and broader market.

            Our goal is to get the best information out there to help our readers.  By the way, we are always seeking good titles.  Do You have a book you’d like to have folks see?  Let us know.



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