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Dale Caldwell, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant

Interview with Bart Jackson, Publisher or Prometheus Publishing and Author, Dale Caldwell:

  • E-Newsletter 11/13/2013:

    BartsBooks #1: Dale, is there really an analogy for personal branding and corporate branding?  What can the man in the cube farm learn from Coca Cola?

    Caldwell:  The man or woman in the cube farm can utilize the four steps of Intelligent Influence for personal and corporate branding. The first step is to reflect on their past influences to understand their present situation. The second step is to understand how they are currently influencing others (customers, co-workers, etc.). This will help them identify influence weaknesses. The third step is to identify the internal influences that they need to achieve their external influence goals. The fourth and final step is to maximize influence by utilizing credibility to gain attention, creativity to generate interest, and connection to develop a personal trusting relationship. If any individual or organization follows these four steps they will maximize influence on others.

    BartsBooks #2: What are some of the hidden influences that grip us within our business lives?  How may we discern them?

    Caldwell:  The influences that grip us from within are those that were developed in our formative years. I often say “I know what the best music in the world is today. It is the music that people hear between 12 and 20 because music influenced us during our formative development as human beings.” Many other influences grip us from within and impact our business lives. We therefore must utilize an Influence Awareness process that is based on writing down our influences in our life and work and reflecting deeply on them.

    BartsBooks #3:  You talk in your book about Reputation Influence.  Give us two tools that I – as a middle management person in a large firm – may employ to build my reputation.

    Caldwell: The best Reputation Influence tool to use is to do what the late New York City Mayor Koch used to do and ask others “How am I doing?” This will give you an initial understanding of the ways in which you are influencing others. The second Reputation Influence tool to utilize is to take time to really understand how you are viewed by others. This will give you valuable insight into the ways in which you need to enhance your influence skills at work.

    BartsBooks #4: You note that the sheer force of your personal belief foments influence.  What are some building steps to building a passionate consensus for my product?

    Caldwell:  Belief Influence is a powerful tool for building a passionate consensus for a product. For Belief Influence to be effective it is essential that you have credibility in the minds of the people you are trying to influence. Once you have that credibility your belief must be creative enough to stimulate interest. However, passion for the belief will only materialize if the belief/product is presented in a way that connects with the people you are attempting to influence.

    BartsBooks #5 What is the next book brewing within Dale Caldwell – what message are you desperate to bring forth to the business community 

    Caldwell: Intelligent Influence has changed my view of the world. I am currently working on a concept that I call “Neuroinfluence.” Research is now showing that certain traumatic events/influences cause a physiological change to the brain. I would like to team with experts in neuroscience to write a book called Neuroinfluence that will prove that many different influences redesign the mind and the approach to life. 

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    Author Biography: 

    Dale Caldwell is the CEO of Strategic Influence, an extraordinary speaker and the author of Intelligent Influence: The 4 Steps of Highly Successful Leaders and Organizations. This unique book is transforming the way that the world looks at leadership and human interaction. Dale is motivated by his passion for understanding the fundamental ingredients of human and organizational success. His unique management consulting experience combined with his background as a senior executive in the public, private and civic sectors taught him that influence is the foundation of success in any endeavor involving human interaction. In Dale’s entertaining and thought-provoking book and captivating presentations he explains how his trademarked Intelligent Influence® framework provides the building blocks of success.                                                                            

    Dale opens the minds of people to the reality that they “do what they do, think the way they think and accomplish what they accomplish because of influence.” By encouraging them to reflect on how they are influenced he connects with people in a deeper way than most speakers and authors. Dale provides tangible value to his audience because his Intelligent Influence framework provides a step-by-step outline of ways that every person can transform both their lives and the organizations/divisions/project teams/families that they lead.

    Strategic Influence is an international management consulting firm that utilizes the Intelligent Influence framework to provide strategy consulting and leadership development training to both large and small corporations. Dale received a BA in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also completed the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives in State and Local Government program. His professional experience includes roles as the CEO of Tempus Management Consulting; Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting; Deputy Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA); and, Executive Director of the Newark Alliance.

    Dale has a deep passion for public speaking and has been able to captivate audiences at some of the most prestigious organizations in the world with his influence, based strategies designed to help people attain success in work and life. Dale is the author of four books, a former New Jersey School Board Member of the Year and a member of the Board of Directors of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). He is an accomplished athlete who has completed three marathons and received national rankings in tennis, triathlon and duathlon. For more information about Strategic Influence’s professional speaking, training and consulting services please contact us at (732) 208-9808.               



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