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About The Art of the CEO Radio

Bart Jackson is the CEO of Prometheus Publications, LLC which produces the BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides series, as seen on

The Art of the CEO Host Bart Jackson, a lifelong business journalist and founder of Prometheus Publishing, brings aboard the most entertaining and insightful guests in his search to help your business experience become a little more fulfulling and successful.  Amid a joyful atmosphere of business quips, intriguing quotes, and laughably witty banter, comes the real meat of sage business counsel.  Some of the guests are top CEOs like Wawa’s Howard Stoeckel and global hedge fund pioneer Keith Danko.  Other guests, such as Mary Mitchell, Reuter Columnist and reigning guru of business courtesy; Alexandra Lajoux, National Association of Corporate Directors’ CKO, and Employers Association President John Sarno offer up their own specialized expertise. And from the far and most fascinating corners of the leadership realm come guests such as Mr. Jacques Lacombe, music director and maestro of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.  So whether you really want to learn how the masters are fine-tuning their careers and companies, or you are simply interested in hearing first hand from those folks who make the market run, retail markets thrive, engineer shiploads from Chicago to Mongolia, and those making the fine wines and symphonies which enhance our lives - tune into The Art of the CEO.


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